Experience the magic and power of the yoga dieties

Yoga Story Time


Wednesday, Nov 17
6:30PM - 8:00PM
Shri Studios
in Longmont Climbing Collective
*Earn 1.5 Yoga Alliance CEU's!

Journey through time and experience the mythical stories of yoga. Combining mantra, asana and journaling with our stories allows you to embody your yoga practice and connect with the incredibly powerful energy of the yogic deities – Lakshmi, Kali & Ganesha.


This is not just a normal yoga class – it’s a yoga experience!

What to expect

This workshop is divided into three sections honoring three dieties - Lakshmi, Kali & Ganesha. In each secction we will be doing gentle asana, joining in a guided kirtan with a harmonium and doing self-reflection and journaling. 

Through this process, you'll be guided along the path of discovering abundance, taking transformative action and removing obstacles in your life.

During your Chakra Journey, you'll experience

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What is a harmonium?

A harmonium is a cross between a piano and an accordion. 

You pump the bellows with one hand sending air through the instrument while simultanously pressing down on keys to create certain tones.

The harmonium was brought to India either by Western traders or by religious missionaries and musicians in the late nineteenth century.

The harmonium is the perfect instrument for chanting as it creates a beautiful sound that is like having a choir singing back at you!

In our Yoga Story Time workshop, Allison & Shauna will play the harmonium while chanting leading you through a beautiful kirtan.

Breathing Meditation

Wednesday, November 17
6:30PM - 8:00PM
Shri Studios
in Longmont Climbing Collective
**Earn 1.5 Yoga Alliance CEU's!

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