What are the chakras?

The chakras help us connect mind, body and spirit.

These energetic centers allow us to receive and transmit all of life’s energies.

I often hear about the external tools used to “heal” the chakras. These external tools include colors, stones, foods, essential oils, etc. People go to external chakra healers asking for other people to balance their chakras for them.

While these tools can help improve our self-awareness, the true work of self-help and healing of the cakras does not happen from someone else or these external tools.

Opening and “balancing” the cakras is a process of self-knowledge. Using the inner tools of yoga, we are able to bring more balance, health and healing in to our lives.

The cakras connect us with Spirit and our divine Self.

You are a full, perfect and purposeful human being. Everything that you need already lies within you, there’s no need to search for your complete self because it's already there, just waiting for you to discover it. The cakras will help you align and connect with the beautiful and purposeful human being that you are.

The journey through the cakras is an introspective and deeply personal quest. As you journey together through these cakras, allow yourself to be inquisitive.

Join us for our upcoming workshop, Journey Through the Chakras, to generate more energy and connect with a deeper sense of purpose.

To begin your journey, question every thought, emotion, or physical sensation and allow yourself to be open to possibilities.

The chakras guide us on our journey through life so we begin to not only live our life - we love our life.

***Note: the proper way to spell chakra in Sanskrit is cakra with a dot under the c (I couldn't find this on my computer). The c is pronounced with a hard ch sound, which is why you'll see I go back and forth between the spelling of cakra and chakra.

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